Corporate Social Responsibility: Mercateo is EcoVadis certified

At Mercateo we take sustainability – including environmental protection and social responsibility – seriously. And so do our business partners. That's why we work with the external auditing body, EcoVadis, who examine our CSR activities and provide us with feedback for improvements.

EcoVadis Siegel

EcoVadis rates Mercateo among top 12%

In February 2021, we were certified by EcoVadis for our Corporate Social Responsibility activities. We increased our total score to 52 points, which puts us among the top 12% in our industry.

We’re pleased about the recognition of our CSR activities. However, the report also highlights the need for further improvements, which will guide our ongoing efforts. We’ve built the networking proposition of our business on our core company value, collaboration. So, we’re not only guided by external market demand but an intrinsic motivation that's in line with the company's ethos.Peter Ledermann, Peter Ledermann, Executive Board at Mercateo Germany

What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis is a worldwide provider of sustainability ratings and intelligent, collaborative performance improvement tools for global supply chains. EcoVadis' sustainability scorecards provide detailed insights into environmental, social and ethical risks across 198 purchasing categories and 155 countries. Over 35,000 companies use EcoVadis to reduce risk, promote innovation and create trust and transparency between business partners. You can learn about their efforts on the EcoVadis website.

How does it benefit our customers?

Buyers have long stopped buying or negotiating based on price alone. The true cost to business continuity is wrapped up in vulnerable global supply chains that extend beyond monetary value.

As a result, many companies today demand transparency beyond tier-one suppliers and aim to deliver on their sustainability and CSR efforts. The EcoVadis certification helps Mercateo customers meet their sustainable procurement requirements and offers the reassurance of their supply chain through a recognised label.

Managed Supply at Mercateo

For us, trust and quality form the basis of every long-term business relationship. We place equally high demands on ourselves, our partners and suppliers.

'Managed Supply' refers to the careful selection process that we apply to the Mercateo marketplace suppliers, ensuring that our customers get the best variety of products and optimal shopping experience. We work exclusively with B2B verified and quality-assured suppliers.

You can find further information on Managed Supply at Mercateo here.


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Katrin Dippe
Press & Public Relations