BusinessShop Plus powered by Unite
Digitise relations
with your suppliers

Integrate your regular suppliers and their catalogues on Mercateo as a BusinessShop Plus and benefit from a centralised e-procurement solution with a uniform order process.

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Your suppliers. Your conditions. One interface.

Why do you go to regular suppliers for certain items? Because you can’t order them elsewhere, because the price is right, because the items are exactly what you need, or simply because you’ve built up a good relationship with the supplier over the years. A Unite BusinessShop Plus enables you to integrate your regular suppliers’ product ranges as electronic catalogues into Mercateo’s user interface. You can then order from them all in one place. Although the electronic catalogues are hosted by Unite, your contractual relations with your suppliers and the individual conditions you agreed with them remain unchanged.

Easily manage your suppliers

All your suppliers are integrated into your Mercateo user interface and highlighted with the supplier logo.

Benefit from the best conditions

Use cross-catalogue searching to compare your suppliers’ conditions with those on the open marketplace.

Transparency and control

You’ll be notified of any changes in your BusinessShop Plus. You can review and approve them with the catalogue management tool.

No additional IT budget necessary

We’ll help your suppliers to get connected so that you won’t have to.

BusinessShop Plus and Mercateo

A single interface for your regular suppliers with the advantages of an e-procurement solution

It takes just three steps to set up your BusinessShop Plus

We’ll help you get your regular suppliers connected.

Invite your suppliers

You notify your suppliers with the help of information material provided by Mercateo and Unite.

Review suppliers’ catalogues

Your suppliers upload their catalogues. You review them beforehand and simply click to activate them.

Order on Mercateo

Your suppliers appear on the Mercateo user interface with their logo. You can now buy from their catalogues.

Benefit from the synergy between Mercateo and Unite

Unite enables businesses to introduce a standardised online purchasing process without having to give up supplier diversity. With a Unite BusinessShop Plus, buyers can integrate their existing suppliers into the Mercateo procurement platform, while Unite handles the provision of the electronic catalogues. What’s more, Mercateo users can also access a large number of pre-installed suppliers via Unite if they choose. By working together, Mercateo and Unite offer businesses a fully integrated purchasing solution.

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