Information for suppliers and manufacturers

Are you interested in collaborating with Mercateo, and would you like to integrate your product range on the Mercateo platform?

On this page you can find out about the requirements that you have to satisfy.

We are consistently interested in collaborating with manufacturers and suppliers who can extend the depth and width of our range of products. This not only simply involves a supplier relationship in which you take responsibility for the detailed logistics, we offer manufacturers in particular a range of possibilities for presenting themselves and their entire product range independently of possible supplier relationships.

  • Start of the collaboration

The first step for collaborating with Mercateo is the registration and exchanging of all the necessary information.
See: Become a supplier

  • Catalogue via FTP

After successfully registering as a supplier or manufacturer, you receive access to a personal FTP account at Mercateo. Via this FTP account, you make your catalogue available to Mercateo and update it independently.

Further information on the technical and content-related requirements are provided under "technical information"

  • Catalogue check

Before a new supplier goes live online, Mercateo checks the quality of the catalogue.
The quality criteria are: item descriptions, EAN numbers, manufacturer numbers, the number of pictures and datasheets, order units and packaging units.

  • Go live

If the catalogue check is successfully completed and you have agreed to the catalogue, the catalogue will go live online.

  • Error report

As a supplier you regularly update your catalogue over the course of the collaboration. With every new catalogue version you receive a report should any errors occur.

The basic principles for the collaboration between Mercateo and the supplier are the general terms and conditions (GTC).
To specify the details of the collaboration Mercateo concludes a framework agreement with every supplier.

To set up your product range you have to provide us with at least one electronic catalogue. In this context it is necessary to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Shipping on the behalf of third parties (direct delivery) with a Mercateo delivery note
  • Provision of an electronic catalogue in BMEcat format (XML standard) – Help is available from Mercateo


To upload your electronic catalogue you will receive FTP access from Mercateo.

Catalogue Creation

Hints for creating your catalogue with the help of Mercateo templates.

Data transfer via ftp

Informations about data transfer via FTP.

Catalogue management for suppliers

Informations about the Mercateo catalogue management tool.

Electronic interfaces

Informations about Electronic interfaces.