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Tripp Lite T1 Shielded RJ48C Cross-over Cable (RJ45 M/M), 0.91 m

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Tripp Lite T1 Shielded RJ48C Cross-over Cable (RJ45 M/M), 0.91 m
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     Tripp Lite
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Ethernet crossover cable
Tripp Lite's T1, RJ45-RJ45 , ( RJ48C ) Cross-over Patch Cables are constructed with premium Quabbin 9720, T1 certified cable. Two individually shielded, 22AWG, 100ohm pairs, maximize the performance of your expensive T1 circuits and equipment. Beware of generic T1 patch cables made with inexpensive Cat5 unshielded patch cable. The American National Standards Institute ( ANSI ) states in ANSI T1.403 that T1 cable be constructed of two balanced pairs, 22 AWG Solid conductor, 100ohm impedance, with a loss budget of 5.5db. Cross-over wiring configuration available in 0.91 m, 1.52 m, 2.13 m, and 3.05 m lengths. Custom lengths available...consult your reseller. Also available in Straight-through wiring configuration...see Tripp Lite N265- Series T1 patch cables.

● ANSI certified T1 cable, Levels 1, 1A, and 1C
● Complies with ANSI T1.403 Carrier-to-Customer Installation-DS1 Metallic Interface
● Cross-over T1 wiring configuration
● Available in 0.91 m, 1.52 m, 2.13 m, and 3.05 m stocked lengths
● Custom length cables available
● NEC (UL) Type CMR
● Available also in Straight-through wiring configurations
● 22AWG Solid Tinned Copper

● 22AWG, 100ohm T1 Rated Cross-over Cable
● Connects your T1 CSU/DSU
● Meets ANSI T1.403 Cabling Requirement

Package Includes

0.91 m T1 Cross-over Shielded RJ48C Patch Cable
More information:
Other features
Input impedance
100 Ω
Cable length
0.91 m
Cable standard
Cable shielding
Connector 1
Connector 2
Cable colour
Connector gender
Male connector / Male connector
Conductor type
Cable rating
AWG wire size
RoHS compliance
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