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Sealing cushion, vinyl ,for filling with water

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Sealing cushion, vinyl
Sealing cushion, vinyl
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Impermeable cushion
Sealing cushion, vinyl, for filling with water, LxW 1067 x 1067 mm.

Sealing cushion for filling with water. Quick protection against leaking liquids of for flood protection. For the quick sealing of overflows, gutters, shafts etc. Prevents liquids, hazardous substances etc. (e.g. leaking liquids) from unintentionally entering drains and overflows. Sealing cushion is made of a special, highly resistant, flexible and extremely robust vinyl and it also adapts to fit uneven overflows. Quickly and easily filled with water hose. Quickly ready for use. Can be rolled up when empty to save space. Can even be stored filled with anti-freeze solution. Important - please note: The sealing cushion should overlap with the opening by at least 150 mm on all sides. In order to ensure the cushion makes contact on all sides (also the corners), do not fill any higher than 127 mm.
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1067 mm
1067 mm
reaction to leaks (emergency), leak prevention
diverting / containing / collecting
Type of leakage:
spilling, drip leaks, surface leaks
Other search terms: JUSTRITE, Liquid barrier, Liquid barriers, Sealing cushion, Sealing cushions, Spillage control system, Spillage control systems, Spillage emergency product, Spillage emergency products, Spill containment product, Spill containment products
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