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Schneider Electric VW3A1101 Keypad

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     Schneider Electric
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Frequency converter operating termi...
Frequency converter operating termi...
Accessory Type = Keypad

Schneider Electric VW3 A1 Remote Graphic Display Terminal. For controlling, displaying current values, adjusting or configuring drives Schneider Electric presents the VW3 A1 a compact user-friendly display terminal that is easy to use. A large number of the Altivar range are compatible with this accessory, including; Altivar 312, Altivar 61, Altivar Lift, Altivar 32, Altivar Machine, ATV320, Altivar 312 Solar, Altivar 212, Altivar 71, Altivar 61Q and the Altivar 71Q. Simply attache the VW3 A1 to the front of the drive and use it remotely in conjunction with the appropriate accessories. Included is an integrated 7 segment display terminal which can be connected to several drives via multidrop link components. Current values such as motor, input and output are displayed whilst configurations can be saved and downloaded, up to 4 configurations can be saved at any one time. Supporting the display of bar charts the graphic display can be read up to 5 meters away due to the large digits of 240 x 160 pixels. Offering many other solutions also such as assignable function keys, dialogue functions, helps screens, easy navigation, application functions, STOP/RESET buttons and a RUN key for local control of motor operations. Features and Benefits:. 8 line message display capacity 240 x 160 pixel resolution -15 to 50 °C operating temperature Control, adjust, configure, save and download 4 configurations can be saved at one time. Protection ratings ; Safety features:. IP54 degree of protection. Applications - Industrial, Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning. (HVAC). Accessories and parts:. Remote mounting kit VW3A1102 ( ; 532-9362 532-9362 ) Door VW3A1103 ( ; 532-9378 532-9378 ) RJ45 Cables VW3A104R10 ( ; 532-9413 532-9413 ) VW3A104R30 ( ; 532-9413 532-9413 ) VW3A104R50 ( ; 532-9429 532-9429 ) VW3A104R100 ( ; 532-9407 532-9407 ) Female RJ45 Adapter VW3A105 ( ; 534-9401 534-9401 )
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