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Durable VARIO� Display Panel System Wall 10 - Assorted

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Durable VARIO� Display Panel System Wall 10 - Assorted
Durable VARIO� Display Panel System Wall 10 - Assorted
Durable VARIO� Display Panel System Wall 10 - Assorted
Durable VARIO� Display Panel System Wall 10 - Assorted
Durable VARIO� Display Panel System Wall 10 - Assorted
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Document holder
Document holders
Brochure stand
Brochure holder
The DURABLE VARIO� range is a robust and economical display panel system with a sturdy metal base. Ideal for use in industrial areas and offices. This wall unit includes 10 A4 display panels and tabs. The panels are anti-glare and copy-proof which makes it easy to use. Great for holding health and safety instructions, machine manuals, etc.
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