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DURABLE DURAFRAME Self-Adhesive, A5, Black, Pack of 2

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Durable Duraframe Magnetic Display Frame Self Adhesive A5 Black (Pack 2) 487101
Durable Duraframe Magnetic Display Frame Self Adhesive A5 Black (Pack 2) 487101
Durable Duraframe Magnetic Display Frame Self Adhesive A5 Black (Pack 2) 487101
Durable Duraframe Magnetic Display Frame Self Adhesive A5 Black (Pack 2) 487101
Durable Duraframe Magnetic Display Frame Self Adhesive A5 Black (Pack 2) 487101
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All-purpose glue
All-purpose glues
Universal glue
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The professional and convenient way to display literature. Simply peel off the protective paper and apply the self adhesive back to any smooth, solid surface such as doors, windows, filing cabinets etc. The magnetic seal firmly holds literature in place and inserts are quick and easy to update. When applied to glass doors and windows, the information can be read from both sides. Ideal for displaying notices, signage, rotas in the office or at home.

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