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Durable Pedal Bin Metal - 20 Litre - Charcoal Grey

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Durable Pedal Bin Metal - 20 Litre - Charcoal Grey
Durable Pedal Bin Metal - 20 Litre - Charcoal Grey
Durable Pedal Bin Metal - 20 Litre - Charcoal Grey
Durable Pedal Bin Metal - 20 Litre - Charcoal Grey
Durable Pedal Bin Metal - 20 Litre - Charcoal Grey
Durable Pedal Bin Metal - 20 Litre - Charcoal Grey
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Garbage separation system
Garbage separation systems
Waste separation system
Waste separation systems
Power coated metal pedal bin that has a 20 litre capacity. Perfect for use in the office, warehouse or at home. The bin is a removable inside container making it easy to clean. Bags can be inserted and held in place with a rubber ring. The lid is easy to open thanks to the foot pedal and has a silent closing hinge built in. The bin has a plastic base surround to provide stability and to protect against corrosion.
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